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Research & Development Services

Dolphin & Porpoise Survey

Ultrasonic triggered audio capture in UK inshore waters



Marine Management Organisation licencing exemptions for Research and Scientific Instruments, Mitigation and HSE.


>Trinity House lighting requirements


>Military of defence requirements

  • Munitions dumping grounds
  • MOD Danger and Exercise Area (DEF1)
  • Military practice areas
  • Military Practice Areas (S-DEF-1)


>Other Uses of The Sea:

  • Pipelines
  • Pipeline areas
  • Cables
  • Submarine cable areas (UKHO)
  • Submarine cables (UKHO)
  • Subsea cables (KIS-ORCA)


>Navigation requirements

  • Harbour administrative areas
  • IMO routeing measures
  • IMO traffic separation scheme (line)
  • IMO traffic separation scheme (area)
  • Traffic separation scheme zone


>Heritage requirements

  • Protected Wreck Sites (HE)
  • Sites protected by Military Remains Act 1986


> Marine Protected Areas

  • Special Protection Areas (SPAs)
  • Classified (Designated)
  • Potential


>Marine Conservation Zones (MCZs)

  • Designated
  • Proposed


>Special Areas of Conservation (SACs)

  • Designated
  • Candidate


>HSE requirements:


Deployment / recovery by MGN-280 certificated vessels and skippers. Cat 4/5.

Any scuba diving planned and lead by divers qualified to (EN 14153-3/ISO 24801-3 Recreational diving services - Safety related minimum requirements for the training of recreational scuba divers - Part 3: Level 3 – "Dive Leader")

Compliance with HSE Diving at Work Regulations 1997 - List of Approved Diving Qualifications – dated 25/01/2017 Schedule 4 - Scientific and Archaeological Diving and Diving at Work Regulations 1997. Approved Code of Practice and guidance L107 (Second edition)

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