Environmental Monitoring – Water Quality

We work with a multi-probe sensor system to monitor water quality at different depths.

We look for ‘Oxygen Reduction Potential’, Dissolved Oxygen, Conductivity, Water Level and Temperature & pH levels.

We also have experience of eDNA sampling using InDepth800 and ezDNA sampling devices .



We can additionally measure or calculate Salinity, BOD, COD, Turbidity, TDS, Ammonia, Sulfide, Nitrates, Metals, Rhodamine, Crude Oil, Blue / Green Algae, Phenol, Calcium, Chloride & Flow Rate.

Data captured with probes in the water can be sent over LoRaWAN links to a real time dashboard. These data alow us to monitor water quality in realtime in different environments and industries like aqua-culture and bi-valve fisheries.